Deer Grove Workday Pictures

A work in progress

Mark and Colin - brush pile burning Jan 7,2006

Mother Nature does fight back
Ron Vargason (Co-Steward) inspecting progress

Restoration to stem errosion in the ravine
several years ago

Restoration contracted by the Forest Preserve as viewed inside the fence


Deer are ocasionally seen on work days

Burning in restoration area 1

Barbara Brotman a Tribune reporter joins Pete Jackson
for work day brush pile burning Jan 7th, 2006

Western Meadow after a burn

Not the best view of Pete Jackson (Co-Steward)
Pete is counting plants inside the marked area as
part of the "Plants of Concern" program.

Fungus inventory - a group doing an inventory
of types found in Deer Grove

Left to right are: Bernard, Tom Burke, Mike, Alex, and Dale Shields


Winter brush pile when we did not burn as we cut. 



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