General Work Day Information

Work days are held on the first Saturday and third Saturday of the month.  We always look forward to seeing new volunteers, as well as our regulars.

We gather at 9:00 am and proceed on foot to our selected work area. Sometimes we work from the far west side across from the Palatine Park District horse barns. In those cases we drive from our meetup location to that other parking lot.  We try to finish up by noon but are very flexible. If you have to leave earlier, that is ok.  You just may need to be familiar with how to find your way back to the parking lot on your own.

To meet up at our normal site, from Dundee Road drive north on Quentin Road and turn left at the first turn-in. (If you reach Lake Cook Road you missed it!) Once inside Deer Grove, turn right at the first stop sign and continue straight from the second stop sign. Continue past parking along the left side to the first available parking along the right side of the road just past a large trail map sign. That is where we meet!

We work as long as it isn't raining (at least not too hard) or too cold (we have worked in temperatures down to zero degrees but alot depends on wind etc.) so dress warmly for cold weather with good work shoes for walking in uneven terrain. Layering is always good so you can shed a layer as you warm up from working. Long sleeve shirts and pants are prefered even in warm weather to avoid mosquitoes, briars, and the occasional poison ivy patch. Bring insect repellent in summer.

Work gloves and tools (loppers and saws) are provided but feel free to bring water and anything else you might want while working. Bathroom facilities are poor at Deer Grove; there is a porta-potty near where we meet but not in the remote areas that we usually work in. 

Don't let all this information scare you off, there are activities for people of every age and ability level. Come out, meet people and learn about our local ecosystems and how to identify the various plants.

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