Streams of Deer Grove Forest Preserve

Submitted by Tom Burke 1/8/06

There are two streams that flow through the Deer Grove Forest Preserve. The Salt Creek East Branch drains all of Deer Grove WEST (DG area to the west of Quentin Road ) and the area just to the north of Dundee Road and east of Quentin in the SW quadrant of Deer Grove EAST (DG area east of Quentin). Buffalo Creek drains most of Deer Grove EAST except for that SW quadrant drained by Salt Creek.

The Salt Creek East Branch originates in Inverness around Dundee Road about a half mile east of Ela Road . It crosses under Rt. 14 to enter Deer Grove between Dundee and Ela road at about where the ramp off Dundee heading northwest joins Rt. 14.  After winding through the central ravine part of Deer Grove WEST, it spills over an old dam at Quentin Road just south of the Deer Grove WEST main entrance north of Dundee Road .  This Salt Creek East Branch then goes more or less in a diagonal line, crossing Dundee Road by the fire station.  From this point it flows through the Palatine Hills Golf Course before heading east and crossing Smith Road just south of the Unitarian Church .

Buffalo Creek, at least this southern fork, used to originate in wetlands to the east side of Smith Road at the NW quadrant with Dundee Road .  In fact, at times during the spring the waters could co-mingle between Salt Creek and Buffalo Creek.  Unfortunately that source of Buffalo Creek was destroyed by the early 1980s when town homes were built across from the shopping center.  What was left of Buffalo Creek was put into drainage pipes.  You can see south of that shopping center at Smith and Dundee where it passes in a low grade heading east.  Today, water rarely runs in that section around Smith Road thanks to development. Buffalo Creek does pick up strength as it approaches Dundee Road and it crosses near the Pepper Lake development.  In fact, that lake is fed by Buffalo Creek. 

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