Listed below are logs of actural work days to give you some idea of what we do.

March 15  - Eight of us worked the area started by a large work party earlier. Cleaned up a missed patch of buckthorn and honeysycle just north of the paved circle. Weather was mid 30s with some sun so almost spring but not muddy yet.

March 1 - A total of 55 people turned up thanks to REI publicity. We met at our usual place with REI folks signing in under a tent and getting T shirts at the end of the work day. We split the new folks into groups under veterans with herbicide liscenses. Pete, Ron, Dale, and Cyndi were team leaders. One team worked the area east of the paved circle to connect to the area cleared by the contractor last year. One group took the area inside the paved circle and two groups worked to the north. REI furnished snacks and water and Joe Swano of CCFPD came with extra saws and loppers (he left half of them so we are now well stocked again).

Feb 16 - Mostly a repeat of the prior work day. Weather still cold enough to work on the marsh ice. That we only needed an hour to finish up the glossy BT in the marsh turned out to be all morning for Ron to finish while the rest continued to work the area east of the marsh.

Feb 2nd - Beautiful day to be out in the woods with the temperature near 30 degrees.. It had snowed thursday evening and friday morning about 8" and all of the cross country skiers were out. We were back at the Cardinal Flower marsh getting more of the glossy buckthorn and the cold from the prior weeks froze the marsh solid. William burned the brush pile, Mark chainsawed down three large BT trees near the pile, Pete and Ron cut glossy BT and Joe dragged the cuttings back to the burn pile. Still did not get all of the glossy BT but maybe just an hour of work left for another time.

Jan 19th - The temperature was near 0 deg with a wind so we canceled the work day. This was the day for herbicide testing so Pete, Mark and Joe were inside during the cold getting licensed for the cause.

Jan 5th - Weather was above freezing (the start of a very warm spell) but with the past heavy snow and ice cover,  5 of us ventured out into the 'Cardinal Flower marsh' to get the stand of glossy buckthorn that Pete has long viewed as a significant threat to the health of the marsh and the several high quality plant communities. We managed to get about 50% of the buckthorn and drag it to the eastern high ground for later burning.

Dec 15th - Mild and snowy and with the recent snows, the woods was very wintery. A group of 10 including 4 Harper students, worked on buckthorn in the area just past the circle at the start of the main paved trail. One persistent sole managed to get a brush pile to burn so some of what we cut and some from an adjacent pile went up in smoke.

Dec 1st - 10 workers including 2 from Harper cleared honeysuckle along the western marsh with the help of Mark and his chain saw. Piles burned as cut.

Nov 17th - worked to clear BT and multi flora along the stream edge across from area #1. Mark with chain saw worked on larger BT on east the side of the paved trail.

Nov 3rd-  worked to clear BT and multi flora along the stream edge across from area #1. Mark with chain saw worked on larger BT.

Oct 20th - Ron, Pete, Mark, Helen, and Joe cut BT along the east side of the ravine and some in the area previously cleared along the service road. What a beautiful day, sunny 70 degrees! Mark showed up with his assigned power saw which made quick work of a BT thicket.

Oct 7th -
Ron, George, Mark, Cyndi, Joe, and Dale started with the BT re-sprouts along the service road along the area cleared last year then worked on the area going north along the stream. The BT and multi flora rose made for slow clearing and the weather which was unseasonably warm upper 80's with high humidity did not help!

Sept 15th - Pete, Joe, and Dale attacked bittersweet and buckthorn on the west side, this time near the hazelnut bush population.

Sept 1st -
5 of us (Pete, Ron, Dale, Joe, and Mark who showed up late) cleared BT and multi flora starting from the trail (trail from junction G) going north east of the stream and got probably 100 ft in or so before we hit several large BT.. In the past we had worked in from the paved main tail but had not gotten as far back as the stream bank. We were going to work Asian Bittersweet but could not find parking on the west side so we returned to lot #5.. (Not sure why a packed parking lot but someone thought that the mushroom organization was having a field day.)

Aug 18th - Ron, Mark, Cindy, Brian, George, and Laura cut and herbicided Asian Bittersweet on the far west side also getting several large clumps of Honeysuckle. The mosquitoes were swarming but the spray seemed to keep them in check.

Aug 4th - Ron, Dale, Pete, and Mark cut and herbicided Asian Bittersweet on the far west side. Dale and Pete worked south toward the marsh outlet and the rest worked along the path.

July 21st - picked Canada thistle in the low area near and north of the service road bridge.

July 7th - picked GM in the main oak restoration area

June 16th - picked GM along the west service road

June 2nd - picked Garlic Mustard along the ravine and saw numerous 17 year Cicadas.

May 19th - Total of 23 people 15 from the local Unitarian Church picked Garlic Mustard along the paved central trail. We actually got almost all the way to the south end. (A couple of us on memorial day finished up the trail in about 20minutes.)

May 5th - 4 of us Picked GM in our main restoration areas along the branch ravine going north.

April 21st - managed to burn a brush pile as we cut buckthorn and large clusters of multi flora rose. This was our first attempt to burn as we cut and worked out great.

April 7th - 4 of us burned brush piles and scattered seed collected last fall.

March 17th - John Yapelli with a Forest Preserve furnished chainsaw came and 9 other souls followed him around and stacked the spoils of his labor; also burned brush piles by cardinal flower marsh.

March 10th (note our regular work day the 3rd fell on the date for the Wild Things Conference) - Only Ron and Pete but we did get a couple of brush piles burned.

Feb 17th - Nice turn out - were joined by a group from the Chicago Orienteering Club. Cut buckthorn in the area along the paved trail. Also managed to burn most of what we cut.

Feb 3rd - TOO COLD - Workday canceled due to the continued cold snap of below zero temperatures. Will re-schedule for the next Saturday, Feb 10th.

Jan 20th- Nice day and a group of 6 but the old piles were snow covered and wet from light snow all week. Tried to burn several piles along the main trail but succeeded in completing only one.

Jan 6th, 07 - A great turnout of some 15 people on a nice sunny mild day. We finished burning all the western brush piles. Did not think we would get them done so quickly! Thanks to the great turn out.

Dec 30th - Mark, Pete, and Ron held an impromptu (not on schedule) work day burning more of the western brush piles.

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